Around The Digital Campfire again

Yes, I was struggling for a title more interesting than just ‘Camp Digital 2023’, and I’d only just narrowly dismissed ‘Camp Dogital’, so you’ll have to make do with this! I have this habit of visiting events in various places, making a load of notes, and then forgetting to write anything up until the moment

An Early Look at Umbraco 12 Content Delivery API

Disclaimer: This blog post contains pre-release functionality, all subject to change before final release, and some of my interpretations of what is there may be wrong. Background For those who’ve been around in development a few years, people may remember ‘headless’ (effectively separating the frontend application from the backend data) being a huge buzzphrase a

Camp Digital 2022

My last conference post on here was for UmbracoSpark in early March 2020, back at the start of a year I’d hoped would include a few other such events including the more user-experience focused Camp Digital 2020. What with 2018 and 2019 being heavy mortgage-saving years for me, 2020 had at the start initially been

Can Umbraco Save The World?

(And other such clickbaity titles) For a long time I’ve actually ran my personal Umbraco sites off an inhouse server running off a tiny Intel NUC box, designed to be as energy efficient as possible. Over time with the Umbraco 7 site getting more and more bogged down with increasing node counts and complexity, I