Around The Digital Campfire again

Yes, I was struggling for a title more interesting than just ‘Camp Digital 2023’, and I’d only just narrowly dismissed ‘Camp Dogital’, so you’ll have to make do with this! I have this habit of visiting events in various places, making a load of notes, and then forgetting to write anything up until the moment

Camp Digital 2022

My last conference post on here was for UmbracoSpark in early March 2020, back at the start of a year I’d hoped would include a few other such events including the more user-experience focused Camp Digital 2020. What with 2018 and 2019 being heavy mortgage-saving years for me, 2020 had at the start initially been

World IA Day 2017 – Manchester

Despite having being linked to in various locations online for some months, I somehow managed to miss all mention of World IA Day having a Manchester event added for 2017 until quite late on when I spotted a tweet from one of the sponsors Sigma. In addition, I’m sure it must have been mentioned at