Where for art thou?

Nope, I haven’t forgotten about this blog. It’s just been a busy few months what with having a wedding coming up in the Autumn, which hasn’t left me with a lot of spare time to put up anything more indepth recently and also meant I had to skip a few of the bigger summer conferences this year to focus on it. But I am aiming to get some more posts up covering some of the interesting topics from the Manchester Meetups online, and I do have a couple of Umbraco thoughts kicking around that I may be able to make into some more useful topics.

Who knows, I could even do something on WordPress given I’ve been doing some work in the templating system for it again after a long time. Although then again, that mightn’t be wise as it’d probably just be a biased post with me spending inordinate amounts of time bemoaning PHP code being interjected at random points in the middle HTML. Although I am primarily a .net dev, and do most of my more serious stuff in Umbraco, it’s hard to get away from the fact that WP is very good for rolling out throwaway sites very quickly so I’ve been using it for a few of those lately – but it’s still far from growing on me completely!